Service description is an online service maintained by Finnish Environment Institute. is a meeting place for decision makers, media, citizens and all those interested in means for making the transition to a healthy and climate-smart food system just, sustainable, and socially acceptable in Finland. The service presents the results and operation of the project Just transition: Tackling inequalities on the way to a sustainable, healthy and climate-neutral food system (JUST-FOOD).

The online service is a brief version of the Finnish-language service The Finnish Environment Institute is responsible for content production. The Justfood-project consortium also participates on the content production.


You are free to link to and use the texts contained in it according to good practice. Using the image material is subject to separate agreement with a Communications Specialist at Finnish Environment Institute: Cite the source when using materials.

Service users’ data is not collected

No personal data file is made of the users of the service. An e-mail address and/or other contact details will be requested in connection with feedback. The user can send feedback anonymously, but contact details must be provided if the user wishes to receive a response.

Using cookies and monitoring use uses cookies. Some of the cookies are related to site functions, some to compiling statistics of the use. Users may reject cookies by changing browser settings. This may, however, result in incorrect site operation.

General-level statistics are compiled of the use of the site for service development. Such data include the number of visitors, page preference, the page from which the users entered the service, the most common query keywords and browsers. The information collected include the IP address, time of day, pages used, browser type, operating system used and screen resolution. Visitor statistics are based on the server’s log files and Google Analytics reporting, which uses a Google Analytics cookie and JavaScript code.


Finnish Environment Institute is responsible for the content of the online service and aims to keep it as current as possible. The goal is to rectify identified errors without delay.

In the service, SYKE aims at providing accurate information without interruption. However, the user employs the service and the information it includes on his/her own responsibility and SYKE shall not be liable for any damage caused by the use of the service. Thus, SYKE shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage resulted from, for example, mistakes or defects in the service or the data it includes, use of the data, third-party claims, interruptions in the service, changes in the content of the data, closing down the maintenance of the service, inactivity of the service, or the service being unsuitable for a specific purpose.
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