Policy recommendations

Just food project will assess and create fair procedures and policy recommendations that support a sustainable food transition.

  1. We will assess the current policies and procedures that impact the food system from the perspective of fairness.
  2. We will work in cooperation with food system actors in order to find ways to alleviate inequalities and to promote the just food transition.
In the project’s stakeholder meeting, we engaged experts to share their concerns and values. © Anni Savikurki

Interaction and participatory policy analyses are among the tools used in the Just food project. They will also enable us to include equality matters in the assessment of policy combinations that support sustainability. In this work, valuable support will be provided by the Advisory Policy Board of the project, consisting of experts from different ministries and organisations.

We have started an active dialogue with the food system actors in annual workshops. In these stakeholder events, participants have had a chance to articulate their information needs and dig a little deeper into potential justice aspects of alternative policy means. In early 2021, we invited stakeholders from all over Finland to reply to an online survey. In the survey, the potential impact and feasibility of selected policy means were under evaluation.

Our first Policy Brief was published in 2020 with recommendations for people’s participation and reconciling different policy objectives. In the spring 2021 we collaborated with six other projects in a Policy Brief (in Finnish only) which targets the development of the Finnish national strategy of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) implementation.


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